Four glorious grasses for creating the ultimate mixed borders

The secret to a truly beautiful and eye-catching garden often lies in combining colours and textures to create a particularly pleasing look. Every garden is unique, of course, and whether we design from scratch or augment an existing design the overall effect has to be one that the customer likes; the search for the all-important wow factor can take us down many roads, but the borders of the garden are of special importance.


There are several types of grass which can be used here, each of which has its own individual characteristics. We like the way Deschampsia looks in shady areas, especially in mid-summer when it gives the illusion of floating. It’s available in a number of varieties, and is named after the distinguished French naturalist Louis Auguste Deschamps.

Hakonechloa macra

When a vibrant green border is called for, we often utilise Hakonechloa macra, a popular choice in many gardens because it grows easily in both light and shade. It offers a beautiful finish, and can develop well in a variety of soil types. Although originally native to eastern Asia, these days it brings light and colour to gardens in many parts of the world.


Anemanthele lessoniana

For a splash of combined colours, Anemanthele lessoniana, also known as New Zealand wind grass, is one of our favourites. It has tiny reddish-brown flowers which together form feathery displays of various shades, especially in the later summer months. It thrives both in the sunshine and in partial shade, making it a popular choice for landscape gardening in Scotland projects.


Stipa tennuissima

Originally from the arid climes of Mexico and the south-western United States, Stipa tennuissima is an attractive addition to any garden. More commonly known as Mexican feather grass, it grows into an arching or rolled pattern, and thanks to its wispy pale yellow-green look we feel it’s perhaps the loveliest of all tactile grasses. In order to see it at its finest, it should be planted in locations where it will get plenty of sun.


If you’re looking to make improvements in your borders, have a chat with us today. We provide top of the range Scotland landscaping for gardens of all shapes and sizes in both urban and rural locations. We are always happy to discuss any projects that you might have in mind, so have a chat with us soon. We look forward to hearing from you.


Brown Earth Landscapes incorporate a diverse range of border grasses in our projects, matching the specific look and texture of each variety to the overall effect. We believe that landscaping in Scotland can take inspiration from gardens all over the world.