Using beautiful materials to create oh so special gardens


There are many ways to enhance a garden or open space, and a vast range of materials can be used in the process. Here at Brown Earth Landscapes, we are particularly keen to use natural materials which are relevant to our location and in-keeping with the overall balance of the finished project.


Maintaining harmony is an important issue for all Scotland landscaping assignments, whether it’s in relation to a small urban garden in towns and cities or larger open expanses in the more rural areas. When all the ingredients come together to create a dramatic and eye-catching design, the results can be extremely impressive.


Yorkstone is used in a variety of industries, including construction, and as a base for landscaping it’s attractive, hard-wearing and adaptable. It consists of several ingredients, including quartz and iron oxides. We use Yorkstone on a regular basis, because it blends in well with its surroundings.


Stone flooring that ticks all the right boxes


Granite setts looks similar to cobble stones, and they were indeed often used in street paving in many cities. They are still seen in various locations in Edinburgh, so they offer a whiff of nostalgia when used in garden landscaping projects. On patios, pathways and open seating areas they are especially pleasing on the eye.


Natural wood fencing, planters and cladding are extremely beautiful, and of course the material is completely sustainable when sourced from ethical suppliers. It can feature a good range of warm colours, making it the ideal choice for blending with other shades and textures. We especially like the natural look, and larch timber is often our wood of choice.


For any paved area in a garden or open space, the choice of paving slab material is a varied one. We often use sandstone paving, because it works well the local environment and it contrasts well with the natural colours of the great outdoors. Landscape gardening in Scotland brings with a number of challenges, of course, but when a material is as practical as it is beautiful, it becomes a pleasure to work with.



Brown Earth Landscapes provide high quality garden and landscape design solutions throughout Scotland. We work with a number of natural materials to create beautiful open spaces, so if you’d like to hear more please contact us today.