Beautiful annuals to bring out the best in your borders


We’ve all had times when we need to fill in a few spaces in our gardens, and there are many beautiful annuals which can do the job perfectly. If you have a gap in your borders, for example, here are some suggestions that will add colour, texture and beauty in no time at all.


Eschscholzia californica


Vibrant, eye-catching and deliciously showy, the eschscholzia californica is also known as the California poppy. Usually native to the USA and Mexico, it brings a vivid display when flowering, with shades ranging from orange to cream and pink. It’s the state flower of California, and has its own day of celebration every year on the 6th of April.




There’s a wide range of plants under the cosmos umbrella to choose from. They come in single and double flower varieties, are sturdy and offer a pleasing splash of various colours. They flourish in various parts of the world, including the Americas and South Africa, and these days they’re a popular choice with gardening enthusiasts all over the UK.




The glorious anchusa flowers are vivid blue in colour, and they retain that colour for long periods of time. They’re popular in part because of their colour, but also because they are insect-friendly, especially with bees attracted by their intense hue. Part of the Boraginaceae family (better known as forget-me-nots), they have a bristly texture and will self-seed freely.




Otherwise known as antirrhinum, the snapdragon is available in a number of varieties and it offers various colour and height options for the border. They’re easy to grow, vivid in colour and will usually last throughout the summer and beyond with ease. Variations include Madame Butterfly, Twinny Peach, Blue Dream and Pretty in Pink, so it’s easy to find the shades you particularly desire.


We at Brown Earth Landscapes love the effects that annuals can create, and are always happy to talk about the options that are open to the home owner. Contact us today on 01250 884 342 to find out more. When it comes to garden design Scotland is home to the very best!