A timeline for creating a glorious garden from scratch


There is something wonderfully rewarding about planning a garden from scratch, and it’s always a more manageable process if you have a rough timescale to work around. The ideal template would differ slightly from one project to another because of issues such as size of area, expected climate and specific requirements, but generally the framework is the same.

Here at Brown Earth Landscapes, we offer the type of garden design Scotland home and business owners can trust, and we’re always happy to discuss individual requirements with both domestic and commercial clients. As a rough guideline, here’s our suggested timescale for transforming an area into a beautiful garden that ticks all the right boxes:

August to September: This is the ever so crucial design stage, a time for thinking about how the finished project needs to look. This needs to include considerations about which types of plants you might want, how large an expanse of lawn should be and whether to incorporate garden furniture and buildings into the design.

October to December: As soon as the designs are approved, the initial planting work can begin. At this stage, only a rough outline of the finished article will be apparent, although you will be able to see glimpses of what to expect at a later stage.

December to January: During this period, it’s a good idea to make approaches to those contractors who need to be brought into the assignment. They will vary from job to job, of course, and can include builders, carpenters and, if required, experts in creating ponds and water features. Once prices and timelines have been agreed, it will be time to move on to the next stage.

March to April: Time to start the project in earnest. At this stage, the area will resemble a hive of activity as the overall design starts to become increasingly apparent. This process could take anything from a couple of weeks to several months, depending on the extent of the job itself.

April to October: At this stage, the planting process will become ever more active. Whether you have chosen a small number of plants or an extensive collection, this is the optimum time of year for planting and nurturing the subsequent growth. As experienced landscape gardeners in Scotland, we can advise on the suitability of selected plants right from the start.

October to November: During the late autumn and before the onset of winter, bulbs will be planted for the following year. The plan will be to create an impressive look that will come into its own from March onwards.

The Following Year: For the home owner, this is the best part of all. By this stage, you will be able to savour a delightful garden that has been created to your specifications, featuring all the colours, designs and textures that you and the landscaper envisaged. Enjoy!




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