Bring out the beauty of a tranquil grass meadow


When it comes to planning and planting a larger area such as a grass meadow, there’s an opportunity to introduce plants, shrubs and grasses which may not be an ideal fit for a smaller garden. In many ways, the client and designer can work together to think a little more outside the box, and to plan in terms of a larger, more expansive overall picture.

Here at Brown Earth Landscapes, we often work towards a subtle and attractive combination of the traditional and the innovative. Given the fact that we’re working on a larger area, we can introduce some species of grass which simply wouldn’t work in small spaces. In many cases, they would simply overwhelm the more restricted areas, but would work like a dream in larger meadows.

The secret often lies in planting grasses which are robust enough to compete successfully for space in a meadow. One such example is knautia macedonica, or Macedonian scabious, which offers a pleasing visual display of red and green in the summer months.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

One of the most satisfying aspects of landscape gardening in Scotland is the opportunity to experiment with colours and textures that really stand out from the norm. We sometimes plant centurea montana, otherwise known as great blue-bottle, to bring a splash of blue that really catches the eye. In a large grass meadow alongside other shades, it can look particularly beautiful.

Firetail (Persicaria amplexicaulis) can also be used extensively to great effect in larger spaces. It provides small, bell-shaped flowers in white or pink, and because it grows in rather dense spikes the visual effect is highly impressive. The spikes can reach around 10cm in length during the summer months.

There are a number of grasses which can be used to form a picturesque backdrop to any visual display. We often introduce Deschampsia cespitosa, a tufted hair grass which is tough enough to thrive when in competition with others. When grown in large areas, it looks pleasingly feathery to the eye.

As always, we at Brown Earth Landscapes are always happy to discuss projects with clients right from the start. We believe that Scotland landscaping can look truly awesome, whether in the largest meadows or the smallest urban gardens.


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