All hail the peony, the wonderful queen of the flower garden


There are some flowers that can be seen as something of a must-have, especially in a large garden. One of these is the beautiful peony, a highly attractive perennial that can, if treated properly, keep coming back to delight you year after year. Here are some of the varieties that you might want to consider in the coming weeks and months.


Paeonia Bowl of Beauty


In the heart of summer, the Bowl of Beauty variety rewards you with lush pink flowers with a soft creamy coloured centre. In the middle of a border, they can provide a splash of colour that really catches the eye. In some ways, it almost seems as thought it’s crying out to be noticed.


Paeonia Coral Charm


One of the reasons for the continuing popularity of the peony is the fact that they often change colour later in the season, so there’s no reason to ever get bored of seeing them. The fabulous Coral Charm variety begins the growing season in delicate salmon pink before transforming into vibrant orange and yellow.


Paeonia Duchesse de Nemours


Fragrant and extremely attractive, the Duchesse de Nemours brings a vivid white colour to the garden. It grows to around 80cm in height and features a distinctive green foliage. It’s named after the Vienna-born Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.


If you’re buying peonies from a nursery of garden centre, it’s worth noting that many outlets sell them in early, mid-season and late-blooming varieties, so you can benefit from their beauty at any time during the growing season. If your chosen flowers aren’t clearly marked, don’t be afraid to ask.


The seemingly humble peony is anything but. It’s a showy, easy to grow flower that many see as the queen of the garden. It’s available in a number of varieties, so if you have space you can easily plant different styles in separate areas. When it comes to garden design Scotland is home to so many options, and some of those owe a debt of thanks to the peony.


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