Go potty in the garden and bring out the beauty!


There are so many ways to make a garden more attractive, but few can match the versatility of adding a few pots, planters and other containers. Whether you add a single, imposing pot in a quiet little corner or several dotted around various parts of the garden, you can create a whole new look, one that will give the area its very own unique character.


And the good news is that even if you have just a small space to work with, such as a balcony or a window box, you can still transform the overall look with a pot or two. You’ll find a stunning variety of options on the market, so you can experiment with different colours, different textures and different materials. Whatever your taste dictates, you’ll be able to find it with ease.


One look at before and after photos of your garden with and without pots is enough to show you what can be achieved. Where once there might have been a rather ordinary expanse of grass and path, now there are attractive containers featuring a splash of colour that really catches the eye. This is one of those occasions when you can really put your own stamp on a specific area.


Add colour, add texture, add beauty


Pots, tubs and planters can soften the appearance and transform the mood of a given space. If they’re overflowing with colourful flowers they can soften the look in no time at all. There’s something wonderfully soothing about the combination of containers and contents when they work in harmony to create a particular effect.


You can use your imagination to make statements all over your garden, using individual containers, pots of the same size and colour and a mix and match of all types. There’s no right or wrong with this, you just choose the look you like and go with it. And of course, if you change your mind it’s so easy to make some alterations.


A single, large ornamental pot can create a bold image, especially perhaps in a garden that has a particularly minimalist look. Many large containers feature beautifully intricate and ornate designs, any one of which could potentially look perfect in your open spaces.


Many landscape gardeners in Scotland such as ourselves will often choose fibreglass containers rather than terracotta, purely because the harsh frost can often damage the pots. If you plan to use terracotta, it would be a good idea to move your pots inside when the weather is at its worst.


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