Protect your much-loved garden in the colder months



Despite the upheavals caused by Covid-19, especially in the way we live our everyday lives, in our gardens one season inevitably follows another in much the same way as always. Summer is at an end now and we’re already adjusting to autumn, just as we did last year and just as we all will again next year. For the gardener, this is the time to start thinking about protecting many of your plants against the onset of harsher weather conditions.


Many of the more sensitive plants will need help to get through both autumn and winter, so you need to either take steps yourself or call on the services of garden designers in Scotland as soon as possible. Here at Brown Earth Landscapes, we’ve been protecting the more tender plants and flowers in gardens and public spaces for many years, and as a result we know what needs to be done at what stage of the autumn and winter seasons.


While some plants simply need to be moved indoors, others will benefit from remaining outside but with a little help along the way. One of the commonest ways to protect plants is by mulching. Use an organic material for this, by spreading a 7cm layer of mulch close to the base of your plants. As it decomposes, it will release a number of vital nutrients into the soil.


When they need garden design Perth and Kinross home owners know all about the danger that freezing temperatures represent to the garden. We apply a range of different methods to provide protection, ranging from blankets, specialist fabrics as a frost barrier and burlap. The materials used depend on the conditions and of course the plants we’re protecting. It should also be noted that adding a windbreak to certain exposed areas can be highly effective in both autumn and winter.


Brown Earth Landscapes also recommend removing garden furniture and fittings into a shed or workshop if possible, as the harsher weather can cause a great deal of avoidable damage. If your area suffers a heavy snowfall, be ready to carefully shake excess snow off tree branches and hedges if you can reach them. This is the season to do all you can to protect what you have in order to see the garden in all its glory when spring comes around.



Brown Earth Landscapes offer the type of garden design Perth home owners can rely on. We’re ready and waiting to help you now, so please call 01250 884 342 to find out more. We hope to hear from you soon.