Winter garden design Perth home-owners can trust

As leading garden designers in Scotland, we at Brown Earth Landscapes are all too aware of how winter can affect your outside spaces. It’s often the case that January and February prove to be the coldest months of all in the UK, and for gardeners this is the time of year for taking stock of what you have, protecting what you want to keep and jettisoning what you don’t. And the good news for those who don’t like being out for extended periods when the temperatures drop is that it won’t take too long to keep everything ship-shape.


Perhaps the most important job – and it’s one that many people are reluctant to undertake – is to decide what you don’t want and to throw it in the compost. Dead foliage can spoil the overall look of even the prettiest garden, it can encourage rot to develop and can provide a home for insect eggs. The best garden design Perth and Kinross has to offer will always make sure your garden looks its best throughout the year.


Needless to say, there will almost certainly be plants that really need the ultimate protection from sharp frosts and icy winds. The best option is to make sure they are taken inside before the inclement weather can cause any damage, but how will you know which ones need to be indoors? Thankfully, the sort of garden design Kinross people can rely on will offer all the advice and guidance you’re likely to need at this crucial stage.


If you have fallen leaves and you’re not sure what to do with them, use them as the base for a good quality mulch. Collect a sizable amount and leave it to rot, then when it’s good and ready you can spread it evenly around the garden, especially close to your plants. It will help to maintain a warmer temperature underground, and will restrict the effects of frost.


And if you have time in the winter, why not take care of the tools of the trade that help you throughout the year? Sharpen and clean your implements and have your lawnmower serviced ready for the spring again. When they feel the need for garden design Perth and Kinross residents know the best specialists are just a phone call away, so if you need advice give us a call.



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