Beauty and colour in the merry, merry month of May

There are plenty of landscape gardeners in Scotland who will tell you that May is in many ways the best month of them all. This is that wonderful time of year when there are so many possibilities in the air. The weather is changing, the days are longer, optimism is high and gardens can be something of a blank canvas waiting to be filled with vibrant colours and beautiful textures.


One of the most intriguing issues is which plants can give your garden a lift in May. You’ll find plenty to choose from, whether you have extensive grounds or just a small pocket of land to play with. It’s important to remember of course that we’re likely to still have plenty of spring dampness in the air, so be sure to choose plants that are able to thrive even in unpredictable weather conditions.


The distinctive Iris ‘Holden Clough’ is an excellent example of a plant that performs well in May. It has arching grey and green leaves and combining with its yellow flowers it offers a very welcome splash of colour and, crucially, it loves damp conditions. May can turn from warm sunshine to cold rain in no time, so this is an absolutely perfect choice for the month.


When it comes to garden design Perth home owners can choose from a wide variety of options at this time of the year, and alchemilla mollis, sometimes better known as lady’s mantle is always a good option. Bright green leaves in a distinctive scallop shape go hand in hand with fabulous yellow flowers that will always bring a smile to the beholder. They grow quickly and enjoy sunny or partly-sunny positions.


Here at Brown Earth Landscapes, we see no reason why your garden shouldn’t be colourful and attractive all year round. In May, traditionally a time when you start to spend more and more time in the great outdoors, the addition of acanthus hungaricus, or bear’s breeches, is always a welcome sight. If we’re enjoying a particularly warm spell of weather, be sure to keep them well watered to prevent unnecessary damage.


To find out more about the many possibilities that May can bring to your garden, be sure to contact Brown Earth Landscapes. We provide the finest garden design Perth and Kinross has to offer, and we have many years of experience in transforming open spaces all across the region.



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