Give the birds a helping hand in the colder months

There are times, especially, during the harsh winter conditions, when the local bird population could do with a helping hand from us. Heavy rain, major snowfalls and plunging temperatures can all combine to reduce the availability of their usual sources of food, making the colder season a difficult ordeal for them all.


Whether you have a small back yard or a large, expansive garden, there are things you could do to make life easier for our feathered friends. And the good news is you don’t have to work overly hard to make a difference. Here are a few bird-friendly steps that you might want to consider making.


Don’t do too much tidying up!


For many of us, tidying up the garden is an ongoing process, something we do without even thinking about it. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that those loose leaves and twigs may seem like unwanted debris, but to birds they are the essential materials that can be used to build nests.


Winter-friendly plants can be a life-saver


While most plants will remain unseen in the colder months, there are some that can thrive, and that means good news for the birds. Plants such as holly, honeysuckle and ivy can provide an accessible food source at a time when other sources won’t be as readily available. Garden designers in Scotland know all about the need for sensible winter planning.


It’s all about the protein


In the colder months, birds often face a struggle to keep their energy levels up, and you can help by providing high protein food in your garden bird feeders. Fat balls offer much-needed energy, and various high protein seed mixes are also a good idea. Place your bird feeders carefully, however, to keep smaller birds away from predators.


Keep them hydrated whenever possible


Birds often find it difficult to find a water source in towns and cities especially, but you can help. Get the birds used to the routine by leaving a shallow bowl of water, freshened daily, in the same location. Also, it’s a good idea on colder days to make sure the water hasn’t turned into ice.


Add a treat or two sometimes


Commercial bird food is obviously very good for use in the garden, but there are other items you can leave out for them. They include stale bread, washed pasta and rice, vegetables and even dog and cat food. We all like a little variety in the diet, and the birds are no different.


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