It’s April, so let’s get planting!

While other months are named after numbers (September, October, November, December), ancient gods and goddesses (January, March May, June) and Roman leaders (July, August), one, and only one, is named after the Latin word meaning ‘to open’. April, one of the favourite months of gardeners across the UK, gets its title from the word aperire, highlighting the fact that this is the time of year when many plants, flowers and shrubs open up to the waiting world once again.

And here we are now in the middle of spring and looking forward to many wonderful weeks of longer days and better weather. So if you’re a gardener, what are you likely to plant this month? Here are some suggestions for you to consider.


This is a great time of year for sowing wildflower mixes in your garden, and you can be very free and easy with your sowing. This is particularly good news if you haven’t planned anything too formal for the summer season. And your reward will very soon be swathes of beautiful colour and texture, not to mention a nod of thanks from the local bee and butterfly population.

Climbing annuals and perennials

If you’re lucky enough to have a pergola or gazebo in the garden, or even just some fencing and an arch or two, you can enhance their overall look with some delightfully colourful climbing plants. Examples include the picturesque cathedral bells, the pretty Spanish flag and the dramatic morning glory, with its distinctive violet-purple blooms. Brown Earth Landscapes, providers of the type of garden design Perth home-owners can fall in love with, are always happy to add splashes of colour whenever the opportunity arises.

Petunia plants

It’s important for many plants to avoid the ravages of frost, and petunias are just such an example. As soon as you’re sure that the last frosts of spring have faded into the distance, you can plant petunias in hanging baskets and troughs. They look wonderful, and it’s worth noting they perform well when they have plenty of sunshine to encourage them.

For many plants, now is the time to provide supports to help them grow. Bear in mind that if you leave this till later in the year it may prove difficult to do, and in the process you could even damage the plants without realising. Happy planting!


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