What type of planter would best suit your needs?

There are many ways to showcase the flowers and plants in your garden, so it’s relatively easy to shop around and select the options that match your personal taste. Whether you have a large open space to play around with or perhaps just a small garden with very little room for manoeuvre, you can still use your creative juices to stamp your own personality on the whole area.

One of the more intriguing options for creating a more beautiful space is via the use of planters. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but which of them would best suit your needs? That will, as always, depend on the flowers, plants and trees that you’re looking to introduce. Thankfully, it’s easy to shop around both in person and online to get the exact look that you want.

Perhaps the first thing to consider is the material you want for your planters. Perhaps the widest choice available will be made from plastic, a versatile material that can easily be shaped to just about any configuration. It should be borne in mind, though, that one of the negatives is in regard to the environment. Some plastic planters are made from sustainable and biodegradable substances, but not all of them.

Beautiful, practical and highly adaptable

Another popular material is wood, and here again there is a wide range of options to choose. Many round planters are created to resemble half-barrels, but these are only part of the story. All shapes can be found on the market, so choose the ones that best match your visions. Wooden planters are durable and extremely attractive, and if used outdoors they don’t require a great deal of ongoing maintenance.

High quality ceramic planters are also an excellent choice, and of course they can be found in a fantastic range of colours. They can add a splash of vibrancy to darker corners of the garden and within the home as well. They are also strong and durable, although more susceptible to cracks and chips than wooden or plastic planters. Remember to choose planters that allow enough room for the plants to thrive.

Finally, there’s always the highly attractive and pleasingly traditional terracotta. This material dates back at least to Roman times, and has been popular with gardeners all over the world for many centuries. When it comes to garden design, Perth and Kinross homeowners know that they only have to ask their chosen professionals for much-needed advice when they need it.