Is it time to replace your old shed?

The humble garden shed is one of those things we rarely think about. It sits in its little corner storing all the things you need stored, and unless something goes wrong, you’re unlikely sometimes to even remember that it’s there. For many of us, the shed that’s in place when we move in could potentially be there for a lifetime, but what happens if the time comes when you need to replace it?

If your shed is in a state of disrepair at the moment, perhaps after many years of reliable service, you need to think about what comes next. If the roof is leaking or the walls have deteriorated, it might be time to buy a new one. Of course, you might be able to effect a repair that will allow it to continue its life, but if a replacement is indeed required, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the size of shed you’re going to need. It may be that you’ll simply replace like for like, happy in the knowledge that your shed is plenty big enough for all your requirements. If you’ve been contented with a standard 8×10-foot structure for many years, for example, why would you bother upgrading to a larger model?

There are some people, however, who will need something larger. They may have been struggling for space for many years, and will therefore require more in the way of elbow room. It’s important at this stage to not think about the space you currently need, and focus instead on the space you might need in a few years from now. Preparing for every eventuality is a good idea.

Then of course, comes the question of which materials are best for your new purchase. Traditional wooden sheds are still extremely popular, and will be available in an extensive range of styles, sizes and finishes. Wood is extremely durable, but you’ll need to remember that it will have to be treated and protected in order for it to last as long as possible.

Metal sheds, often manufactured from galvanised steel, require less in the way of maintenance. They’re strong and reliable, and offer plenty of security, but aesthetically they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. In a similar vein, plastic sheds have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they offer plenty of options in regard to colours and styles.

To make the right decision, you need to think about your needs before buying. Brown Earth Landscapes specialise in the best garden design Perth and Kinross can offer, and we know there are plenty of high quality options on the current market. We’re always happy to talk our customers about the right sheds for their requirements.


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